GENERAL OVERVIEW. Rusape is a fast growing town striving to reach Municipal status. The town is situated along an A-3 highway, between Harare and Mutare. It is situated 94 km from Mutare, 170km from Harare and 94km from Nyanga. It attained its town status in 1992 following a proclamation by His Excellence the President Cde. R.G Mugabe. Rusape has 10 wards with a population of 31 000(2012 National Census). It has a land area of 1 050 hectares and is located in Makoni District, Manicaland Province north eastern Zimbabwe. Rusape Town Council derives its revenue from user charges levied on residents and rate payers. There is potential for agro based industries since the town is surrounded by vibrant

HISTORY OF RUSAPE. The name “Rusape” was derived from a Shona word “Rusapwe” which means “never dries up” with reference to the ever flowing waters of the Rusape River, adjacent to the town, The settlement began in 1894, with the establishment of a British South African Police post near the Rusape River. A village grew around the post and during the first Chimurenga, the village was attacked by Chief Mangwende


“A modern City providing sustainable world class services by 2030”.


To provide municipal service delivery.


 Proactivenes.

 Accountability.

 Responsiveness.

 Integrity.

 Transparency.o.


Area of coverage                                   890 square kilometres

Height above sea level                            1 410 meters

Population estimate                                60 000

Assumed population growth rate 6%



Impoundments                                      1 with 68 000 megalitre.

Treatments                                           2 with design output of 10.4

Major pumping stations                           2

Reservoirs                                             5 with total capacity 13.5

Length of reticulation                              4 000km (Primary and Secondary) Daily average water supply                    7.8 Mega litres per day?

Daily average water demand                   8.1 Mega litres per day

Flowing raw water source                        Rusape River perennial flow



Town sewer generation (dry weather flow)-3.0 Mega litres per day (approx)

Recycled water                                       none

Sewerage works    one Pumping stations    one



Length                                                  91.35

Signalised intersections                            none

Tarred                                                  23.35km

Gravel                                                  12.0km

Earthen                                               56.0



Traffic population                                   150 (combies & buses)

Parking bays in CBD                                11 950m2

Licenced vehicles                                    2 000 Licenced taxis                                          10


  • 2016 budget approved 29/71.
  • Current Statutory Audits.
  • Procurement of Refuse Compactor Dumper truck.
  • On current salary payment to date.
  • Paid ZIMRA and other statutory obligations to the tune of $200 000.
  • Protective clothing to the tune of $5 000 for Staff was also procured.
  • Refurbishments to the tune of $36 000 for Vengere Stadium were done.
  • Commissioning of new Dump site.
  • Prepaid water meters are being procured for all the industrial and commercial properties.
  • Following a ZINARA Road fund disbursement, of $55 000, all road maintenance, repairs, pothole patching and Gravel hauling is in progress.
  • Allocated 40 high density stands in Tsanzaguru and 15 stands in Vengere.
  • Construction of Magamba / Mabvazuva bridge was done.
  • 5 solar street lights to the tune of $6 000 were procured.
  • Procured material for slabbing for Mabvazuva Clinic.
  • Refurbishments of Old Town House to the tune of $10 000, were done.
  • Construction of 52 manhole covers in Tsanzaguru.
  • For effective communications to manage complaints, 1 laptop was procured, 10 suggestion boxes were installed, and a WhatsApp platform line and software were sourced and are fully functional.  


  • Best Service Excellence in Local Governance and Utilities (ZNCC 2015).
  • Upcoming Urban Council – Gender Mainstreaming 2015.
  • Best Performing – “Urban Local Authority in Community Service 2014.
  • Best Urban Service Delivery in Local Governance – ZNCC 2016.
  • Financial Management Award of Excellence in :
    1. Overall Best Financial Management.
    2. Financial Turn Around of the year.

Public Private Partnerships.


  • Construction of Clinic by ZP&CS at a cost of $450 000.00.
  • Brick moulding of Clinic bricks by Women in Construction.



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